Store Log Flog

The essential app for store yard owners.

What is it?


Store Log Flog is The Self Store App a software designed to modernise and simplify the self-storage process. It has two applications, a web app for yard owners and a mobile app for tenants.


Attract New Tenants with the Mobile App


The mobile app is the perfect additional service for self-store facilities to offer to tenants. As well as a physical storage room, tenants can create a virtual room, where they can log the location of each of their items. This has several benefits:

• Personal belongings will no longer be forgotten or lost after being placed in storage

• Business owners can send employees to easily locate and retrieve stock

• Once logged, items can be valued by a local auction house through an in-app feature.

Store Log Flog offers unique services to tenants, that cannot be found in other storage yards. Yard owners can increase profits by charging tenants an additional fee to benefit from these services.

Improve Communication Through the Web App

Through the web app, yard owners can keep track of tenants and the value of their containers. The app is a useful tool for increasing tenant’s insurance when necessary. Yard owners can notify tenants of price changes and other important news through an integrated chat feature.

Elevate Your Business

Increase conversions & customer loyalty
Offer a new service that increases profits
Accurately calculate insurance costs
Improve customer communication
Improve customer service & encourage reviews
Increase exposure to those actively seeking storage

Get set up in minutes

Store Log Flog provides your business with a ready made app for your tenants to use right away.

Once you’ve mapped out the size and shape of your units you can allocate each space to a tenant. They can then organise their space and manage their items via the mobile app.

Benefits for your tenants

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