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About Store Log Flog

Store Log Flog is THE self-store app! Is has been developed alongside industry leading professionals to ensure it meets the needs of both the storage yard owner and tenants alike. What’s more, it’s the perfect organisation app for your home storage needs too.

Having witnessed the increasing demand for self-storage and with space at a premium, we realised the need to provide an more hands-on service to self-store customers, whilst providing added value to storage yard owners.

Store Log Flog aims to do just that!

The Self-Store App For Storage Yard Owners

This versatile solution provides a wealth of benefits to self-store owners. Firstly, it’s a new chargeable service to offer customers, and secondly it also allows you to calculate the value of items stored on your yard; invaluable for insurance purposes.

But that’s not all. It also provides the following benefits:

- Helps you to stand out from your competitors by providing a service they don’t offer

- Boosts your exposure to those who’re looking for storage in your area

- Significantly improves communication with customers using an integrated chat feature

- Gains long-term loyalty once tenants have organised their space in your facility

Self Storage App

Self-Store App for Tenants & Homeowners

For storage unit tenants and homeowners, the list of benefits is vast! Through the app, you can find a storage yard near you, claim your unit, create your space and organise your space to how you want it.

Add shelves where relevant and log items within each space you’ve created. You’ll never lose track of where you’ve put something ever again!

What’s more, using the LOGGIT cards you can take photos of your items, put an associated value against them and even get items professionally valued and sold via Chiswick Auctions.

Other benefits include:

-Store and organise items easily and efficiently

-Create a full inventory of what you have stored with the "LOGGIT" cards

-Keep track of the value of items in storage

-Make money by using the "get valued" function, whereby Chiswick Auctions value items for auction.

-Move items from one storage area to another in a simple click so you can track everything.

-Share details of items you store on WhatsApp and other social platforms.

How Store Log Flog Was Developed

This innovative self-store app was created by Uppingham Self Store business owner Dominic Willson. Having built a successful and reputable self-store business in the East Midlands he realised the demand for new technologies within the industry to enable self-store customers to keep track of their items and get items valued to make a profit. Essentially, the LOGGIT cards within the app turn items you have stored into assets.

Further to this, as a storage yard business owner, he understood the benefits of having an additional service to offer customers, not just to add value and provide something new, but also to be able to warrant any price increases, along with having a clear understanding of the value of items being stored in each unit.

Having the ability to value items in storage allows a storage yard business to increase the costs of insurance where necessary, while allowing the customer to simultaneously understand what their assets are worth.

Are you a self-store business owner? Calculate how much Store Log Flog will cost you here.

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Self Storage App

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