Getting Started with Store Log Flog

18th November 2022

Store Log Flog is an easy-to-use app that can help you organise your storage space more effectively. As well as logging the exact location of your belongings, you can get them professionally valued using our Flog feature. In this blog, we will be taking you through how to store, log and flog with our app.


So, you’re in a situation where you need storage. Maybe you just inherited some antique furniture and you don’t know what to do with it. Maybe you finished university and your parents don’t have enough spare room for all your stuff while you go travelling. Whatever the reason, Store Log Flog can help.

Your first step is to find a store yard. You can do this through the Store Log Flog app! Simply click on the Buy Storage feature and you will be directed to a list of store yards near you.

When deciding on a store yard, people are often unaware of the importance of Self Storage Association (SSA) membership. All storage yards that are members of the SSA have met the European Standard for self storage that specifies minimum conditions for customer protection. It is therefore important to make sure the yard you choose is a member.

All storage yards listed on the Store Log Flog app are members of the SSA. By searching for a yard within the app, you can save yourself the trouble of looking into the legitimacy of the yard.


Once you have chosen your store yard, the next thing to do is move everything in! This might not be as easy as it seems. In order to make the most out of their money, most people pack lots of things tightly into a small space. No one wants to pay for a large unit that only has a few things in it.

However, this means that you have to be very organised when choosing where to store belongings within the unit. If this isn’t done correctly, precious items can be lost or damaged.

Let’s say you put a bike in storage over the winter and you plan to take it out again in the summer. If, when it starts to get warm again, you arrive at your unit to find an unorganised pile of stuff, will you really go to the effort to find the bike? It could be buried at the bottom or right at the back for all you know. You’re unlikely to remember the exact location almost a year later and trying to find it could take hours.

This is where using Store Log Flog can help. Instead of dumping everything randomly in your unit or making lists of locations that you’ll inevitably forget, use the Log feature to organise everything.

You can create a virtual room that is a replica of your unit, even adding shelves where needed. The room will automatically be divided into sections that are labelled- you might have Shelf 1 in Section A, for example.

Each time you place an item in the unit, you can simply take a photo of it and log its place virtually. Each item has its own card (almost like a Top Trumps card) that includes it’s photo and location in the unit. You can even add extra information, such as the item’s dimensions and a description of it.


So, your items are logged and located, safely stored in your unit. What next? One option is to use Store Log Flog to make a bit of extra money. Each Loggit card has a Flog button attached to it. If you click on this, the item will get sent directly to Chiswick Auction, where it will be valued by experts. Who knows, you might have something valuable on your hands!

Store Log Flog is the self store app to help you organise your storage experience. The app is currently being offered for free, while more data is collected on user experience. So, download Store Log Flog today and give it a go!

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