How Lumison Lighting is Using Store Log Flog as a Business Organisation Tool

19th August 2022

James Morrison, Founder and Director of Lumison Lighting describes the different ways he uses Store Log Flog to organise his business. This includes carrying out stock takes, organising his showroom and moving stock into storage.



Lumison Lighting is an independent lighting design consultancy based in Oakham. The showroom is run by Founder and Director James Morrison, who has more than a decade’s worth of experience working in lighting design and manufacture.

We visited James last week to ask him some questions about how he uses Store Log Flog as an organisational tool to help run his business. James started using the app to organise excess stock, which needed to be moved from the showroom to a storage unit.

However, he quickly realised that Store Log Flog had several other uses. “Most exciting”, he says, is the app’s feature of logging stock, which makes it “really helpful for stock take and inventory control”. Below, James describes how he has used Store Log Flog to organise his business in different ways.


Designing Virtual Spaces


When James first downloaded Store Log Flog, he didn’t use it for storage, but for organising his showroom and stockroom. “Before things could be moved to storage”, he explained, “I needed to figure out what I had in the store”. That meant creating virtual spaces that represented his showroom and stockroom.

James thought that this might be difficult at first- “the showroom is a weird L shape so I thought it would be hard to replicate online”. However, when it came to designing the online version, James realised it was surprisingly easy. The app allows you to draw out the boundaries of the virtual space, so that it perfectly replicates the physical one. You can even include the placement of the door. “It’s really rather clever”, James concluded. He created a virtual showroom and stockroom. The next thing to do was to log what was in each room.

Stock Take and Inventory Control

James had been using Shopify for stock taking, a system that was becoming increasingly expensive. Store Log Flog allows you to log your stock, as well as its physical location, for £2.49 per month.

James enlisted a member of staff to go around the showroom and stockroom and log everything on the app’s Loggit cards. Each card contains a picture of the product, along with information such as dimensions, location and value. James added “you can even attach your own categories, so you can label things as display products or designs that have already been sold, for example”.

“It’s an easy alternative for someone to do the stock take”, James explained. Once the Loggit cards were created, “all I had to do was look at the app on the store iPad, see the product and put it in the inventory”. When new stock is delivered, James simply updates the relevant Loggit card or adds a new one. In this way, he can easily control his inventory.


Organising Stock


Once his virtual spaces had been designed and his stock had been logged, it was time for James to move some things into a storage unit. He used the ‘Find a Store Yard Near Me’ feature on the Store Log Flog homepage and found a local storage yard.

James admits “there are lots of things that have just been lying around, cluttering up the showroom and I just wasn’t organised enough to figure out what should be moved into a unit”. Since using Store Log Flog, James has transferred a number of products into his unit, including excess display stock and orders that have been processed but not collected.


Once an item has been moved from the storeroom to the unit, it’s Loggit card can be transferred from the virtual storeroom to the virtual unit. In this way, it is easy to keep track of stock and manage its movement. James thinks that this feature is very helpful- “without it, I would completely forget where I’ve put things”. Now, he says, “when I’m in a rush and need something quickly, I can check the app and see its exact location, including the shelf it’s on in the unit”.

Delegating Tasks

One of the benefits of logging an item’s exact location in a room is that anyone can find it. James will often send his son to the storeroom or unit to pick up a specific product- “all I have to do is send the Loggit card over WhatsApp and he can go and find it”. He says it’s as easy as “go to this bay, it’s on that shelf, done”.

Store Log Flog for Organising a Business

Store Log Flog has been designed as a holistic organisational tool for businesses. James has tailored his use of the app to purposes that benefit his business. Not only is he able to keep track of his lighting designs when moving them into storage, he can also use the app to update his inventory list. “It’s not really just for storage”, he says, “it can be used for organising lots of different parts of the business”.

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