Storage Solutions to Reduce Clutter

08th December 2022

Clutter is a problem that just keeps growing. As shopping continues to move online, people are spending more and more money to fill their houses with new tech, appliances, clothing and shoes. At the same time, many people have been forced into smaller living spaces due to Covid-19. Young people are moving back into family homes and others have been forced to downsize.

The combination of more stuff and less space has led to an increased need for storage. In this blog, we will discuss a range of storage methods that can help you to reduce your clutter.

1.Go Digital!


Whether you think tech is good or bad for humanity, it cannot be denied that smart devices have changed our lives dramatically. One of the positives of the tech revolution is that you can reduced clutter through digital storage solutions.

Think about how much clutter is on your desk at home. You might have stacks of papers, whether they are related to work or your own personal admin, all filed away in an uncoordinated system.

Digitising these documents frees up important space in your home or office. It also means that your important documents will be backed up and protected in case anything goes wrong.

You can store your documents on your devices, on external hard drives or online. An easy way to digitise printed documents is to use the Adobe Scan app to create PDF versions that can then be saved.


2. Maximise Storage Space at Home

Even if you think you have no space to store more things at home, there are several tips and tricks that can maximise your space.

Professional organisers (yes, those exist!) recommend grouping similar items together in clearly-labelled storage containers. You might have a basket in your living room full of blankets and a clear box of board games in your cupboard, for example.

A benefit of this method is that when you realise how many blankets you have (eight) and compare that number to how much you actually need (three), you might make the decision to donate some blankets, reducing clutter. If you decide to keep everything, at least it will be easy to find in it’s designated box or basket!

When you are choosing storage containers, boxes or baskets, make sure they fit your space perfectly. A closet with ill-fitting clothing bins scattered around is not a well-organised space! Make sure to measure the space before you buy the containers to ensure that they fit snugly and do not cut off access to other parts of the space.


3. Rent a Storage Unit

Some items cannot be digitised and will not fit into neat storage containers. You might have extra appliances, seasonal sports equipment or yard furniture that are taking up precious space. Alternatively, some items might still hold sentimental value, whilst being inconvenient to keep in the house. Whatever the case, self storage is the perfect solution.


Storage units are easy to access, meaning you can retrieve your belongings whenever you want to. Store yards also have to adhere to strict requirements and have excellent security with CCTV. You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe when you leave them in a storage unit.

If you need to declutter, there are lots of different options to try. Try these simple steps and let us know what you think!

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