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Store Log Flog for Home Sorting & Storage

Store Log Flog is the perfect organisational tool for those looking to downsize, move homes or even manage the belongings of family members who have recently passed away.

By using the app to organise your belongings, you can take a picture, log the value of an item and its precise location in a virtual representation of a storage area in the app – whether that be in a storage facility, garage, loft, or any other storage space – using our LOGGIT Cards, which you can share with family and friends.

The app is ideal for those who are looking to keep track of collectables and valuables, whether you want to store them safely outside of the home, or even make some money through our auction partners Chiswick Auctions.

Not only does this reduce the likelihood of misplacing your valuables, but it also gives you the complete peace of mind in knowing that you have an online record of the location and value of these items.


  • Find a local storage yard in your area.
  • Chat with store yard owners using an online chat facility
  • Manage the space you’re storing items in.
  • Create a virtual representation of any storage space.
  • Store your valuables safely.
  • Share LOGGIT Cards with family and friends using WhatsApp and other social platforms.
  • Move items from one location to another in the app with simplicity.
  • Value and auction your items through our partners Chiswick Auctions.
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